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I Wish I Was Or I Wish I Were Which Is Correct

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I Wish I Was Or I Wish I Were Which Is Correct. As long ago as 1926 h.w. In modern, spoken english both ’i wish i were’ and ‘i wish i was’ are accepted as being grammatically correct, but usually and in formal contexts it is more appropriate to use ‘i wish i were’.

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Can you answer this quiz? I wish i were a rich man. Wish is something not in reality;

[A] Older, Prescriptive Grammar Books Insist On The Use Of The Subjunctive Form Were.

Here’s the explanation to the quiz: This may seem counterintuitive, but even if the subject of the sentence is singular, you use “were”. As long ago as 1926 h.w.

I Wish I Was 15 Years Younger.

[q] which is grammatically correct: I wish i were is the most correct form, and, if you are writing a formal piece of writing, definitely go for it. Fowler called the subjunctive in english “moribund.”.

Which Is Correct I Wished I Was A Painter Or I Wished I Were A Painter?

Think of i wish i were as a fixed idiom and use it all the time. Always remember this rule about the usage of was and were : You use this form to show an unreal situation, i.e.

I Wish I Were Is Actually The Preference Of Grammar Experts Because You’re Talking About Something That Hasn’t Actually Occurred.

(or 'i wish my room was larger.') Which is correct, i wish i was there or i wish i were there? If a sentence is wishful, you use the subjunctive form of the verb “to be”:

Wish Is Something Not In Reality;

“i wish i were there!” 3. Here are some examples using wish followed by the past subjunctive form of be: “i wish i were there.” is correct if the situation is not possible.

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