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How To Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

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How To Read Your Propane Tank Gauge. To determine how much fuel is in your propane tank, multiply the outage reading by the capacity of the tank. Most common gauges will only display a dial to 80%.

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How to read a propane tank gauge. You’ll see bold black numbers encircling the gauge and a single pointer needle. The propane tank gauge will look like a circular dial that has a red or black needle indicating the fuel level.

The Gauge Indicator Should Never Go Above The 80 Mark As That Is Considered “Full.”.

Reading your propane gas gauge is not complicated. Notice that the bottom two lines on the chart are in red. Select the amount of fuel you have:

So, When Your Gauge Reads 20;

Once you know your percentage of fuel, use the chart below to calculate the gallons of propane remaining. Checking your gauge regularly is an easy way to ensure you always have enough fuel. Go to your propane tank and look for a dial that resembles the speedometer on a car.

Reading Your Tank Gauge Is Easy!

This gives us time to schedule your propane delivery before the gas remaining in your tank is used. You should easily be able to see how much propane you have left in your tank. For example, if the needle is on 60, your propane tank is 60% full.

How To Read Your Propane Tank Gauge.

If you’re not a member of ferrellgas’ keep full program, we ask that you monitor your propane tank percentage and contact us when the gauge reads 30 percent. Due to the physical properties of propane, your tank is considered full at 80% (allowing for the expansion of propane vapor). Most propane tank gauges read from 5% to 90%.

Here's A Simple Trick For Checking The Propan.

11 rows reading your propane tank percentage gauge. That’s why we’ve put together. If your propane tank has no gauge, it can be frustrating to run out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner.

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