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How To Open Water Meter Cover Without Key

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How To Open Water Meter Cover Without Key. I took a swig of wine to enhance my recollection. The water company has proven unhelpful.

Shut Off Valve Wrench Key Emergency Gas+Water Shutoff Main
Shut Off Valve Wrench Key Emergency Gas+Water Shutoff Main from

You grasp the tail of the pen cap with the pliers at a 90 degree angle and then the combined tool should closely match the shape of the key hole. Its compact design is a must have for the professional. Other covers have a key hole that require a meter key to open.

To Access Your Meters, You Will First Need To Remove The Center Piece Called The Meter Cover Lid.

The water company has proven unhelpful. Although flume has partnerships with water companies across the nation, some water companies have ordinances that limit your ability to open your meter box and/or install a. Backed by the husky lifetime warranty.

It Goes By A Few Names:

Check that the arrow is now perpendicular to the pipe direction. I was able to get the cover off this way. Water shut off tool, curb key or curb box key.

To Open The Cover, You May Need A Pentagon Socket Wrench To Remove A Security Bolt.

Ehow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Reed meter box and curb box lid keys all have a turn and lift feature, allowing tool users to open a lid, lock onto it, and lift the lid off with a single motion. Once you’ve got the tool in place, you.

I Took A Swig Of Wine To Enhance My Recollection.

It’s a simple thing and only sets you back a few bucks, possibly saving you thousands later! Yes, this bic pen hack works. The meter is at the far end of the wire.

You Grasp The Tail Of The Pen Cap With The Pliers At A 90 Degree Angle And Then The Combined Tool Should Closely Match The Shape Of The Key Hole.

There ought to be a shutoff valve in between your house and the water meter. If you would like to swap youtube stickers please send your sticker and return address to: If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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