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How To Measure A Bathtub Drain

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How To Measure A Bathtub Drain. How do you measure a bathtub drain? If it is a shower drain, the drain is designed in most cases for a 2 shower drain.

How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain at Craigslist
How To Clean Bathroom Sink Drain at Craigslist from

And measure 4 inches to the left and 4 inches to the right of the center of the drain. To measure your tub, victoria plum suggests starting with the length, which is found by beginning at the farthest edge of your tub and going to the other extremity. The position of your drain will be influenced by the style of your bathtub.

If You Think Your Drain Is Larger In Size Though, You Will Have To Take Out The Drain Using A Screwdriver.

Clawfoot bathtubs will have exposed plumbing, so you should try to be more precise and keep the hole smaller. Make sure your measuring tape reaches the outer edges of your tub and not just the inner curve of the tub. How to measure the space you need for a bathtub.

In Australia, Standard Baths Measure About 1.5M X 0.75M, But There Are So Many Variations On The 'Standard' Bath That It's Unlikely You'll Have Any Difficulty In Finding Something Else Should You Need Something With Different Dimensions.

Most new tubs today use a 1 1/2 tub waste and overflow drain with the exception of older tub on legs brands which were 1 3/8 waste and overflow type drains. How do you measure a bathtub drain? The measurements here serve as guidelines since.

If It Is A Shower Drain, The Drain Is Designed In Most Cases For A 2 Shower Drain.

Usually a drain will be near centered on the width of the tub and set 8″ from your studs outward from the tub faucet wall. Measure the drain hole outlet of the sink basin of the bathroom with a tape measure. How to measure your bath tub system, from new york sash installation manager jeff reilly.

Depending On What's Easiest To Get To, You Can Measure From Outside The Tub Down To Its Underside, Or From Inside The Tub To The Tub Floor.

Drain located at floor height; 18 inches is recommended if the bathroom layout allows for this. If you only focus on the inner measurements, your bathtub won't fit.

Measured From Center Of The Toilet To Either Side, Minimum.

The depth of the bathtub is the interior measurement of the tub. The hot and cold lines are separated by 8 inches (from left to right). After removing the old stopper, take out the old drain flange, or the housing that connects the tub and drain to the pipe below.

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